What to Include in Your Client Welcome Package

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As a remote entrepreneur who takes on clients, it is very important to be prepared when a new client comes your way. This helps put forth a professional image and it also helps to stay organized.

I have standard forms included in my client welcome package and at the end of this post you can access the link to download these templates (and others) for your personal use. That’s cool of me, right? I’ve included some screenshots of the basic examples.





Client Introduction Letter

The intro letter is a brief welcome thanking them for becoming a new client and quickly letting them know how and when they can reach you. This is also your chance to show a little personality and really make them feel special.


Client Information Form

If you do not have a system to keep your client’s information handy, you will be an unorganized mess. If you’re a technical person, get online and store your information on Google drive or use cloud software like Zoho CRM. If you like more of a paper filing system, this form will help keep you organized. You’ll want to include basic info like client name, address, phone numbers and social media profile names – but don’t forget to include things like family birthdays and anniversaries or favorite lunch spots for meetings. Personalize this and anytime something new pops up that you need to save, throw it on there immediately. When a client does not have to give you their Delta Sky miles number more than once, your value as their assistant increases. You can include this form with a self-addressed stamped envelope (or send it electronically) and have the client fill out their basic information and send it back to you. This will minimize having to ask for this information when the time arises.


Client Guide

Use the client guide as your policies and procedures manual. This will be the client’s reference on things like how and when to reach you, your holidays and time off, how to submit requests and frequently asked questions. If you have talking points that frequently come up or ways that you handle conflict include them here. If you are initially timid, you may not like to discuss these things up front so this is a good way to let it be known, without having to actually have a conversation.




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Packages & Price List

This is a nice touch to include because it gives you an opportunity to upsell your clients into other packages or add-ons. It also gives them the full context of your capabilities which does two things:

  • They can add services that they may need more help with down the line
  • They can refer you to their colleagues that may mention a need you can fulfill.


Service Agreement Contract

This is the bones and framework of your client relationship. Do not begin working with anyone without a contract in place. You should have your own written up, but if they have one that their company must use for every contractor, then it is fine to use theirs as well, just make sure your terms are also clear (have them sign yours too) or written in as an amendment.


Privacy Policy

Make sure your clients know that their information is safe with you. You are likely to deal with a lot of confidential material, from credit card numbers to account passwords and you need to assure you will keep this information private and safe. I would recommend opening up a LastPass account to store your client’s secure information.



Refund Policy

You may or may not have a refund policy, but even if you don’t allow refunds, let that be known up front so that you don’t have any uncomfortable conversations about it later. Include your policy about pro-rated fees, unused hours, or when they should cancel before being charged for service again. Spelling out these policies at the beginning of the relationship will save you some headaches later on.

Again, even if you only have a couple of clients or if you are just starting out, you want to have these forms in place before you take on anyone else. It saves the mad scramble when the time comes. So, that brings us to the shameless self-promotion part of the post! I have included all of these forms, plus a few others, like a new client checklist, potential client questionnaire, and more in convenient template downloads. Just fill in the blanks or personalize wording with your personality. It couldn’t be easier. You can find these links here on this document page. Like the documents? Feel free to share the link with your fellow entrepreneurs!

Go get organized!


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  1. Do you no longer have these documents? When I click on the link, it takes me to the page, but there’s no text on there.

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