030: What Happens If You Get Hit By A Bus?

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Episode 30. This is just a quick episode because I want to pose a question to you and I want you to start thinking about your current setup – are you prepared? This month is all about organization and I’m going to talk all about how you can set up your business and systems to make them work for you. Specifically, if you got hit by a bus tomorrow, would your team be able to pick up where you left, off or would your company have to shut down because everything is in your head?

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Welcome to Coffee Powered Systems, equipping women with actionable steps to overcome, overwhelm and streamline business and life. So grab your favorite drink and come hang out with me. I'm your host, Miranda Merten. Hello, hello, welcome back to Coffee Powered Systems, I'm your host Miranda Merten.


Thank you for joining me today. This is going to be a quick episode because I want to pose a simple question for you. This episode is going to set up our next month all about organization. And I want to get you thinking about your current setup. Are you prepared? This is all about how you can get your business set up and your systems set up to make sure they are working correctly for you.


Do you have a hit by a bus fail?


What do I mean by that? What happens if you get hit by a bus tomorrow, God forbid, if something were to happen to you tomorrow as the owner, founder, CEO of your small business, what would happen? Have you thought about these things specifically?


Would your team be able to pick up where you left off or if you were just injured but you could come back to work, would they be able to not miss a beat and keep everything running smoothly, or would everything fall apart without you there? And you have to shut down everything because your entire business is in your head and you are the one that knows how to do everything. Maybe you have four people on your team, but each person knows how to do their own part.


Here's another scenario. Have you ever had to hire someone and train them? And then you realize that you're not really prepared to actually train someone. You have to kind of go through the motions with them all over again because you don't have a centralized spot where everything is in your business. You have to pull in this person over here, your person from this department, and everyone has to kind of teach them the different ropes. That's not what we want to do, especially for small businesses.


We want to make it easy for everything to be found. You want to put everything in the right place and have everything easily say, hey, go ahead and go into this file or this drive or this box, you will find everything you need in there. There's an S.O.P file, and that is how we want to make sure that your business is set up for success.


So when you think about these things, what do these things look like for you, your project management system, your company SOPs or standard operating procedures, your invoice and billing system, your CRM systems, maybe your social media templates or your brand kit so everyone knows what your fonts and colors etc, are without having to ask around and figure out who the right person is.


Anything that you can think of on a day to day basis that helps your business run. Do you have these things set up or are they spread out over Google Drive or Dropbox or Amazon S3 or Asana or wherever you have all of your business operations and wherever you keep all of your files, are they all spread out or are they in one concise place? It's time to get your organization under control.


If you have any questions for me this month, this is going to be a juicy one. We're going to be setting up your systems, teaching you how to organize, teaching you different ways you can organize and set up your files. And if you have any questions, remember, you can leave me a message. The link is down in the show notes. And I am so excited for getting your business under control, getting everything organized in the event that you are hit by a bus.


That is what we're focusing on this month.


Come and join me here next time. Thanks for listening to Coffee Powered Systems. You can find links to everything mentioned in the episode. Down in the show, notes are on the website at Miranda Merten dotcom. If you enjoyed this episode, share it with another bestie who would love it to and join me here next time.


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What Happens If You Get Hit By A Bus?


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