What Do You Get the Entrepreneur Who Has Everything?

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“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”
– Pierre Corneille


With only a couple days left until Christmas, are you still racking your brain to figure out what to get your favorite entrepreneur (or yourself for that matter)? So, what do you get the small business owner who has everything? Here is a roundup of some great gifts this year for productivity and your work + life balance. Many of these don’t need to be shipped (bonus for those last minute ideas!).


Time Management & Productivity

Text Expander subscription – Cut out the repetitiveness of typing the same things all the time. For those who tend to type the same address, directions, code, data, etc. all. the. time. This will help increase their productivity by allowing them to use keyboard shortcuts they create. Updates across platforms. It runs about $40/yr for a subscription.

Meistertask – A project and task management app you can use with your team. Beautiful and intuitive. It integrates with lots of your favorite apps for even more productivity. Like most project management tools, the basic version is free and you can gift the Pro version for a few more bells and whistles.



Insteon Home Kit – For the entrepreneur that is always “in the zone”, it may be too distracting to get up and turn on the lights or adjust the thermostat. The Insteon Home Kit and app might be just the thing to help minimize those distractions!

Charge Hub – Ever have to wait to plug in your iPad because your iPhone needs to be charged first and your child has their phone plugged in somewhere else? This charge hub charges up to 7 USB devices at once – you’ll never have to choose by priority again.

Moleskin Evernote Notebook – Some things are just classic and always make great gifts. Notebooks are especially great at the beginning of the year for making a fresh start.



Kindle – Take some time out to read more this year. The Kindle makes it easy to take all of those books with you. Along that note, you can gift Amazon Prime memberships so that there are tons of books to choose from for free or low cost. Three months is $33 or you can gift a whole year for $99.

Treadmill Desk – As entrepreneurs, we sometimes forget to get up and get moving! This desk makes it easy – continue to work while you get your exercise. This is definitely on my list for next year.

Don’t forget the coffee! For the pour over coffee lover Chimex Coffee Maker or the french press connoisseur Aeropress Espresso and Coffee Maker.

Class Pass subscription – Sometimes we just get tired of going to the same classes at the gym or we just need a change of scenery. The Class Pass subscription allows you entry into tons of gyms and exercise facilities in your area. Pilates, Barre, Rowing, Boxing – this is the chance to try all of those things you’ve always wanted to, but maybe your home gym doesn’t offer. Gifts don’t expire, so they can cash them in when they are ready. Make sure to check availability in their city.

Headspace – Meditation apps are all the rage, but some may be too pricey to justify buying yourself. Give the gift of meditation! The app is free, but the subscription unlocks the entire collection.

SXSW – If you really want to get on someone’s good side, score them a pass to this popular festival that takes place every spring in Austin, TX.

Hopefully, this list has given you some out of the box ideas and you can find something that will satisfy even the pickiest person. Happy holidays, and see you in the new year!!

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