012: Understanding Goal Hierarchy To Properly Use A Task Manager


Have you ever downloaded a new project management app and been so excited to get started and get organized, only to end up looking at the blank canvas or scrambling for templates to help you get started because you are unfamiliar with the folder hierarchy?

Let’s talk about why this can be confusing to many and how to understand the organizational structure of your task system.

Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why the names of your folder categories don’t actually matter [01:55]
  • My tip for understanding the goal hierarchy [02:43]
  • My 5 levels of goal hierarchy [03:23]
  • Why the specific task management app is irrelevant and how to structure your system within it [08:12]
  • How to use tags with your hierarchy levels [13:40]
  • Q + A: How do I repost someone’s post on Instagram? [15:27]

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