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In episode #58 I mentioned that it’s a great idea to manage all projects with a to-do list app or project management software. But, I also recognize that not everyone is ready to jump into one of the bigger tools that have a learning curve just to get started.
If that sounds like you and you are in the market for a simple (yet still has the ability to be robust) tool, come take a listen to this episode!

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Welcome to Coffee Powered Systems, equipping women with actionable steps to overcome, overwhelm and streamline business and life. So grab your favorite drink and come hang out with me. I'm your host, Miranda Merten. Welcome back to Coffee Powered Systems. I'm Miranda, and today is Tuesday, where I give you the skinny on an app or tool that could be useful for your personal productivity. In my last episode, number fifty eight, I talked about five mistakes that I made in my move that I compared to managing projects in business.


So if you haven't heard that one, go back and listen, because I mentioned how important it is to follow a process and use a project management software in order to stay on task and not get overwhelmed with your bigger projects. Now, the problem here is that there are a lot to choose from. And I'm fully aware that the key word here is overwhelmed and some of those bigger apps can feel like a task just to get past the learning curve.


And you know what I'm talking about. So today for you, my listener, who is not interested in having the huge fancypants software I'm recommending Todoist. Now from Todoist's website. It says free up your mental space, regain clarity and calmness by getting all of those tasks out of your head and onto your to do list, no matter what device you're using or where you are. I offer some of the one click templates that come with a few of my products.


So if you're already a to do a user, you know that you can create templates and you can grab templates from other users. And I love it because it's as simple as you want it to be. If you literally just want to create a list with some categories or if you want to use some of the other features like section, subtasks, recurring tasks, you can do that too. It has different views. It has lists or boards, and you can color code, you can use filters and you can have shared projects even if you do have a team.


So you can grow with to do as an add team members as you go. And they also have a huge template database if you need inspiration. So like I said, you can grab those templates and it connects with a lot of third party apps making it really easy to drop into your workflows, connects with Zapier and some of the other ones. So what's the price? You can start with just five projects and five collaborators for free. Or if you do have a bigger team and you want to or you want to use the full suite of features you can upgrade to their pro or business, and their pro is only three dollars per user per month and their business is only five dollars per user per month.


And if this sounds like it is right up your alley, then you can check out their website at Todoist.com. I'll drop that link down in the show notes for you, or you can find it on my website at mirandamerten.com/59. That's all I have for you today. I'll see you next time. Thanks for listening to Coffee Powered Systems. You can find links to everything mentioned in the episode down in the show.


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