027: Tracking Your Routines and Habits With Routinery and Done [Tip Tuesday]


Sometimes we need a little help and motivation to keep track of our habits or follow our routines. I’ve got 2 apps today that will help you “not break the chain”, and build (or break!) those habits.

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Welcome back to Coffee Powered Systems, today is Tuesday, where I give you the skinny on an app or a tool that could be useful for your personal productivity, all month long we've been chatting about time management, things you can do to help better track your time, save time. And our last tip for this month is going to be in conjunction with last week's episode where I spoke about pre work and post work routines.


If you're finding that you need a little help with keeping up your routines or maybe even just tracking your routines or habits. I've got a couple of apps for you today that could do just that. And the first app today is called Done. It's the done app. You can find it on Apple, iOS or Android, Google Play and what the Done app is. It's basically a simple habit tracker. It allows you to track your small habits and routines by helping you set those goals, track your progress and the free version lets you track up to three habits.


If you want to do unlimited habits, you can upgrade the app at eight ninety nine for a lifetime. That's a one time payment. Eight ninety nine will get you unlimited habits. And what's cool about done is that you can track your habits and routines and create streaks or chains to keep going. That's what motivates you to keep going. And you can track daily habits, weekly habits, monthly habits or goals. For instance, if I wanted to track the amount of water I drink per day, you can just put that in there.


I want to do nine glasses of water per day. What it does is give you a bar for each habit that you put on your screen. It also has widgets as well.


So you don't have to actually go into the app and you can do those from your home screen, but you just tap on the bar every time you complete your habit. So every time you drink a glass of water tap, you get a nice little sound and it goes up. You can actually customize, you know, maybe you don't want to tap every single time you drink one glass of water. Maybe you want to say every time I tap, that's two or three glasses.


So every time you tap three glasses goes into your bar, you can also build habits weekly. Say you wanted to read one book a week or two books a month. You can actually customize your habits down to the nitty gritty like that. You can also use this as a quiting app if you wanted to quit something. So again, you can find one in the App Store. And the second app I wanted to tell you about today is called Routinery also found in the Apple iOS store and the Google Play store routine is a little bit different.


It kind of goes along the lines of what we were speaking about last week, and I'll put the link in the show notes for that one as well.


Routinery lets you set up a sequence of routines. So like we were talking about, if you have a morning routine or a pre work routine and you wanted to maybe do the same thing every time you want to make your tea, you want to make your bed, you want to go exercise, you want to do a walk. Whatever it is that you have set up in your routine, you can set a time for that particular event. So what you do is you would create a routine.


You can name each of your routines and you can have as many routines on their unlimited routines are to ninety nine per month or twenty one ninety nine per year, you name your routine. So I would say this is my nighttime routine. I'm going to read for ten minutes. I'm going to brush my teeth. I'm going to write whatever your routine is. You can add those sequential steps in there. You press start and it goes through your routine and kind of helps you follow along.


You can set up reminders so that it reminds you to start your nightly routine or whatever the routine is. And it's super cool to just have that little extra thing if you do need some more motivation to complete your routines. That is our tip for today. If you enjoyed that tip or you think that it might help you tag me on Instagram and let me know. I will see you next time.


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Tracking Your Routines and Habits With Routinery and Done


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