TM Quiz Results - Tasker

Character Traits

You are a multitasker. You are spontaneous, innovative and a creative problem solver. You are an intuitive thinker and like to juggle multiple things at once. Your emails tend to be lengthy to explain your multitude of ideas.

You tend to lack focus and tend to jump from one project to the next because you enjoy the thrill of starting something new, even if you have not finished the current task at hand. You are sometimes late due to your full schedule.

Taskers Work Best When

You like starting new projects and thrive under pressure. You have the ability to recognize new ideas and opportunities. You have the amazing ability to look at the whole picture but because of this, you may overlook some of the details.

You need organized, established systems in order to stay on track and stay focused.

Taskers Should Avoid

You tend to get bored with dull or routine tasks, so it’s best to avoid jobs that get too repetitive. You should avoid over scheduling, but if you find you have a full plate, allow for plenty of time in your schedule to complete your overflow of tasks.

Great Tools for Taskers

Use a mind mapping tool like XMind to brain dump and visualize everything at once.

ZenPen is a writing platform that lets you write without distractions and use a Pomodoro Timer to keep you on track.

Good old post-it notes, pens and a giant whiteboard can be your best friends.


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