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Are you looking for a social media management platform that will allow you to plan and schedule your posts quickly and easily, all in one place? Check out today’s tip: SocialBee, a social media manager that connects to all of your major social platforms, so you can organize your content and view your analytics without having to go from platform to platform.
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Hey friends, welcome back to Tip Tuesday where I give you the skinny on an app or a tool that could be useful for your personal productivity. And today’s, Tip is SocialBee. From their website, it says more leads, less effort. Social media management tool for entrepreneurs, service providers and small businesses. Now if you heard my episode 80 with Jessica Freeman, she mentioned at the end of the episode that one of her favorite tools was SocialBee. So I decided to go ahead and check it out for you. Now, social media is a social media management tool. As you could probably guess, it can manage literally all of your socials. And that is what I found interesting about this one is that you can share content on a lot of different social media platforms, all from one place. The platforms that it includes are Facebook. You can do Facebook profiles pages or groups, Twitter profiles, Instagram, either business or personal profiles, LinkedIn personal or company pages, which that’s huge. I don’t think a lot of people do either, or both. You can post to your Pinterest boards and Tik Tok personal and pro. Pretty much all of the major social media platforms you can post from all in one place.


You can plan all of your content in their content calendar. They also have a Canva editor built right into SocialBee. So you can design your graphics within SocialBee using their Canva integrator. And then once your design is ready, you click the profile that you want to upload it on and then you can add your captions, your hashtags emojis, whatever, and then schedule that out. You can customize your different posts for your different platforms. So if you wanted to write something different, which I would suggest for everyone because your TikTok caption or your Instagram captions are going to be different than your Twitter or LinkedIn caption, so you can edit those all right in there and you can also preview what they’re going to look like for each platform. Then once you have scheduled everything out, you can actually check all of your analytics all in one place. Instead of having to hop around to each of the different platforms to check the analytics and you can identify which posts are performing best, then you can repost. They also have an Evergreen post option so you can repost your highest and best performing posts right from the app.


They also have something called a social media workflow so you can kind of build workflows share with your team. It would help you get a little faster with posting your content, get into more of an automation flow. And they also have concierge services which will give you a dedicated specialist to work with. If you are not really wanting to do all of it yourself or if you don’t have a team you can actually hire out or connect with their concierge service and they can do a bunch of different things for you looking at their concierge service. So they have a social media specialist, they will write articles for you, copywriting, community management. All of those can be included and I guess you can pick and choose which one you would like to do as well. Also even though if you’re using SocialBee I would recommend using the native platforms occasionally due to the algorithms, sometimes the algorithms will Ding you a little bit if you’re posting constantly using a third party provider. So you want to make sure you’re manually posting occasionally or scheduling from within the Facebook platform as well. So they do have a 14 day trial and for their plans they start at $19.


You can add five social media accounts that includes 10,000 posts per account. Their next plan is $39 per month for ten accounts and if you have an agency or if you’re a freelancer using things for different clients, they have one that’s $79 a month and that will give you 25 accounts with unlimited posting on each account. Now if you want to go ahead and purchase a year upfront, you get two months for free with the yearly plans. So that is SocialBee I will drop all of the links for you down in the show notes and let me know are you still manually posting? Are you manually going to each of the different platforms? Are you using something else? I would love to hear what you are using for your social media scheduling. If you heard an episode of mine a few episodes ago, I’m taking a little bit of a break on social, but if I go back into it, I’m definitely going to check out social Bee and see if this is something that could work for me. All right, that is all I have for you today. I will see you next time.


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