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Over the holiday break I got sucked into mindlessly swiping up on TikTok (it may or may not have happened more than once) — and if this has happened to you before, you are familiar with the shame police that shows up to make sure you take a break — but instead of feeling bad about it, it felt good!

I forgot how much I enjoyed just being on social media for fun — reading comments, looking at posts that interest me, losing time when I had nothing better to do anyway.

And it got me thinking about how at some point, I would have to go back to the business of planning, scheduling, and strategizing my own social media for business.


Not a fan. Don’t want to do that anymore.

My 2022 theme is EASE. And after embracing that, it has opened up some ideas in me about how I want to run my business this year. How I want to show up for myself and for you.

It doesn’t include repurposing a piece of content 25 different ways.

It doesn’t include creating multiple graphics in different sizes and posting them on 5 platforms.

It doesn’t include putting out copy “just because I have to”.

What it does include is, showing up on social media when I feel like it and when I have something to say. Publishing a podcast episode once a week and communicating to my newsletter. Hopping onto Instagram and reading comments and scrolling through posts that interest me — when I feel like it.


That feels good.

That sounds good.

It doesn’t make my heart race when I think about it, or make me feel like I’m failing the entrepreneur rate race.

That’s one way I’m showing up differently in business this year and you can hear more about why this feels right and where most of my traffic tends to come from anyway on today’s podcast episode: An introvert’s dilemma — social media is exhausting [Coffee Chat].

So how are you showing up differently in your business this year? Did this resonate with you or do you think I’m nuts?

Hit reply and let me know.

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