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Episode 017. Have you been searching for a project management app and still haven’t found the one that’s perfect for you? I know I’ve brought you a few to check out, and here is another one that you might want to take a look at. Of course, if you’ve found the one for you, go with it, but if you’re still looking, try Zenkit.

Discussed In This Episode:

Why am I loving Zenkit?

  • Multiple views: List, Kanban, Table, Wiki, Calendar
  • You can connect everything within the Zenkit Universe so they can all work together, or connect to 3rd party apps like Google Drive
  • 1-click data import from Trello, Asana, Wunderlist
  • iOs and Android apps as well as desktop apps
  • Works well alone or with a team
  • Product roadmap, upcoming include Slack integration + Google Suite integration
  • Personal version is free forever
  • If you have a team or want some of the premium features, it’s $9/user/month

Check it out and let me know if you are using it!

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Welcome to Coffee Powered Systems, equipping women with actionable steps to overcome, overwhelm and streamline business and life. So grab your favorite drink and come hang out with me. I'm your host, Miranda Merten. Welcome back. It's Miranda. And this is Coffee Powered Systems. It's Tip Tuesday, and that means I give you the skinny on an app or a tool that could be useful for your personal productivity.

Today, I am bringing you quite possibly the most complete project management software you'll ever use. I know bold statement, but you guys know that I love trying new software for you.

And I have been trying out Zenkit. Z e n k i t. I got to tell you, this has pretty much everything you could possibly need when it comes to your productivity and project management.

So let me tell you all about Zen kit. This is what's on their website. It says, Finally, the whole picture with Zen kit, you can now connect everything and use the synergies between them. So what the heck does that even mean anyways? Here is why I love Zen Kit. As I've been getting into it for the last month or so, Zen kit has the ability to show you all of your data with multiple different views. So if you're thinking of something like a Asana or click up, they do have the ability to do that, right?

That is huge, since we all do like working in different ways. You know, a checklist might work for you. A Kanban board might work for Susan over there. And maybe I like laying it all out in a Wiki style like Google Docs. But some days I like checklists, maybe with other kinds of data. I want to view it as a calendar. So then it gives you the option to switch your data between all of those views without messing up your data at all.

And they have views that I haven't seen in other project management software. They've got standard list style where you can use it as a to do list or a checklist and their list gives you an actual checkmark so you can check it off. I know some people love that. I love that. Where you take it off, they give you a table where you can just put all of your information and your data in there and set it up like a table spreadsheet style, which is also fantastic because I have a board that is a reference board.

I don't need checkmarks on a reference board, unlike Asana where everything you put in there has a checkmark by it. I don't need my, you know, brand board or my affiliates board, I don't need them to have checkmarks because I'll never check it. And that's kind of a pet peeve that bugs me. So you do have the ability to either add the checkmark or not.

They also have the Kanban board, which is like Trello. They do have a Wiki style. So you can switch it to a Wiki, which is basically just writing it out as a doc. They also have the calendar view. So if you're doing something like a content calendar or a bill pay anything with a due date on it will show up on your calendar spreadsheet, which is awesome. So that gives you an idea of all of the different kinds of things.

And they do in the upgraded features, they do also have the gantt charts and a couple other views that you can do as well. You can connect everything within Zenkit, within your Zenkit universe, as they call it. Or you can connect it to third party apps like Google Sheets. If you already use a system like Asana or Trello or WunderList, which is already gone, but I'm not sure if you are so able to access your wonder list boards at this point, they can do one click data input so you don't have to worry about re-entering all of your data into Zenkit.

They have an ISIS and Android apps as well as desktop apps. I have tried them all. They all work very similar. There's also a second app, which is they just introduced this year, which is Zenkit. To do so. It gives you the option to just do a to do list, which if you don't need full on project management, you can just get the to do list app. Also, it works well if you are alone or with the team.

I know some of those project management apps are really geared towards teamwork and it makes solo partners feel like, can I just use it by myself? And yes, you can. With Zenkit, it it works very well by yourself.

They also have a product roadmap, so you can actually see what they have coming in the works. This year it looks like they have slack integration coming. And for Google Suite innovation, the personal version is free forever and it has obviously some limitations on the free version. But I think a lot of people can use the free version. And if you have a team or if you just want some of the upgraded premium features, then it is just nine dollars per user per month.

Go ahead and check it out. I'll drop the link in the show notes. You can find these show notes at Miranda Merten DOT. Com Forward slash 17. And I will drop the link for Zenkit down in the show notes or you can just go to Miranda Merten dot com forward slash Zenkit to go directly to their Web site.

OK. That is my tip for today. I hope you'll go check it out if you do DM. Let me know what you think. If you're already using it. Also, let me know what you think. Let me know if you are loving it as well. And join me here next time.

Thanks for listening to Coffee Powered Systems. You can find links to everything mentioned in the episode. Down in the show, notes are on the Website at Miranda Merten dot com. If you enjoyed this episode, share it with another bestie who would love it too. And join me here next time.

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