Podcast Guest Preparation

**Currently, we aren't accepting guest bookings. But please reach out with your inquiry via email if you'd like to book a future interview.**

I’m so excited to have you on the Coffee Powered Systems podcast! The focus of this podcast is to help women understand systems, workflows, and productivity, and to help them get past overwhelm and take the next step forward.

If you have not heard the podcast, please listen to an episode or two to get an idea of the types of topics I cover.

Podcast demographic: Women 25-50, small business owners, or women just looking to be more productive!

Topics: Systems, productivity, small business organization, overcoming overwhelm, tech tools, business strategy, getting things done, and more!

Question I always ask: What’s the one action item my audience can do this week (based on the episode), to move forward in their business.

Think we’re a good fit? Here are the next steps:

Send me a message here if you have more q’s or would like to chat more about your topic.

1. Schedule your interview date & time

You landed on this page because I reached out to you or you have requested to be on the show – I look forward to our chat! Please use the button below to schedule our time together. Podcast interviews are done on Wednesdays and should take an hour or less. If this day NEVER works for you because of pre-standing commitments or you can’t find a time due to time difference, send me an email and we will work together to choose a time.

The scheduler also includes some questions that will help me prep your episode for promotion. Include your suggested pitched topics so I can structure a great episode. You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email prior to our chat. At our scheduled time, you will meet me in my personal Zoom room (the link will be sent with the calendar invite).

2. Complete the podcast release form

Once you schedule an interview time, you will receive a podcast release form to sign electronically. It basically says I can use our recorded materials on my podcast and website (duh). Please return the signed contract before our scheduled interview time.

3. Have fun & promote your episode!

Our interview will be more like a natural casual conversation. If there is anything specific you would like to touch on, you can mention that on the scheduling form. We’ll talk about how you got into your field of work, discuss our talking points, and I’ll end by asking you to give our listeners an action step they can do this week (based on what we have just discussed).

Please do a sound & systems check before we connect to make sure it will run smoothly. We will connect via Zoom, download here if needed. Headphones tend to help the audio sound better.

Once your episode is live, I will send your show graphics and the link to your show notes page for promotion. It is not required but highly suggested 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email.