TM Quiz Results - Planner

Character Traits

You are an organizer, sequential planner and very detailed. To-do lists and organizers are your go to. You probably have more than one planner in your arsenal because you can’t find just the right one. You have probably added tasks to your list after you’ve completed them just to have the satisfaction of crossing them off.

You are very social but avoid spontaneity. You hate meetings without agendas and find it hard to say no people when asked to take on a task.

Planners Work Best When

You prefer to arrive everywhere early or on time and can get stressed out if running late or other team members prevent events from starting on time.

You need organized, established systems in order to stay on track and stay focused.Your emails tend to be long and detailed and you work best with like- minded people who see the value in explaining things. You thrive when you can focus on an entire project at a time (instead of breaking it into parts).

Planners Should Avoid

You tend to have many current active tasks and can easily get distracted so avoid doing work in busy environments. Try to avoid saying yes to every opportunity that is presented to you, you don’t have to complete them all!

Great Tools for Planners

The non-techie will enjoy notepads, file folders, and a variety of pens. The techie will thrive with tools like Wunderlist and Toodledo to create intricate to- do lists.

Habitbull is a fun app to track your goals and habits.

Use a Pomodoro timer and a writing tool like ZenPen to keep distractions at bay.

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