The Action Lab Bundle

The Tech Lab, The SOP Lab AND The Workflow Automations Lab

Yes. It’s The Action Lab Bundle … Get EVERY Lab available to help you run your business for one low price of $7/month.


You read that right. Just $7/month for all of this goodness.


Because I want everyone to be able to afford it. I want everyone to stop making excuses about why they can’t do the damn thing already.

I’m tired of everyone charging $5000+ for services that, quite frankly, aren’t always worth it.

Don’t misunderstand me … this is totally worth waaay more than $7. But I know the value and I want you to be able to see it too.

And I want you to get to work.

No excuses about how it’s too expensive. Drop one latte a month.

No excuses about how you have your sister’s wedding [or insert other big event that is always around the corner here] in a couple months, so once you get past that hump, you’ll be ready to jump onboard. $7? You don’t need another tube of mascara just for that event.

No excuses about all of the streaming services you own and you just can’t add one-more-subscription (are you really watching Discovery+ that often?).

And if I’m being really honest … I know times are tough (been grocery shopping lately? Ugh.), and when it’s time to cut corners, it’s the $65/month subscriptions that get dropped first, and I want you to stick with this one.

This one is going to move your business forward. Step-by-step. It’s going to help you do the little things that keep you stagnant that you can’t outsource just yet. And when you’re ready to outsource, I’ll be here to help you with that too … if you need it. No pressure.

So what are you waiting for? You literally have nothing to lose to try it out — except maybe one Chick-fil-A meal this month.

Included in The Action Lab Bundle

So what exactly are all of these “Labs” that are included in this action bundle? The most common things I see people struggling to get set up in their business — especially if they are a one-person show.

*First bundle set available June 2022.

The Workflow Lab:

My favorite Lab! These are the step-by-step, look over my shoulder instructions for workflows that are common in business. Questions that ask: “how do you do…” are answered in this Lab.

The tech Lab:

This one is all about tech. What tools do what and how to use them. Want to get under the hood of your favorite tech tool? Come here.

The SOP Lab:

The dreaded SOP. They aren’t hard to do, but gosh are they boring to set up … amiright? Grab some starter or example templates of standard SOPs and cross some of them off your list.

Plus don’t forget the other FREE resources that already come inside The Systems Lab! A new resource in each Lab is released at the beginning of each month. Got something in particular you’re interested in? Submit it!

It’s time to stop putting off your next thing and just do it already. These things aren’t that hard or complicated. Some of them might be a little time consuming, but if you have a little help, you can go a lot further.