047: Is Social Podcasting a Thing? GoodPods + My Favorite Podcasts [Tip Tuesday]

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Podcasts are better with friends. We’ve got Goodreads for books. We can see our friend’s music playlists. Now, we can get recommendations from our friends based on what podcasts they listen to! Ever look at your podcast app wondering what you should add to your playlist? There are so many podcasts out there, you don’t have time to try things that aren’t for you. It’s inevitable that you will come across something that’s not for you, but if you have friends with the same taste or in your same business circle, chances are you will find something enjoyable from their list of podcasts.


With GoodPods, not only can you see what your friends are listening to, you can chat with other fans and even the hosts! Tune in to hear about GoodPods and what my favorite podcasts are at the moment.


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Welcome to Coffee Powered Systems, equipping women with actionable steps to overcome, overwhelm and streamline business and life. So grab your favorite drink and come hang out with me. I'm your host, Miranda Merten. Welcome back to Coffee Powered Systems, today is Tuesday, where I give you the skinny on an app or a tool that could be useful for your personal productivity. And today I'm talking about GoodPods because is social podcasting a thing? We have social media, we have Twitter, Instagram, all of them have feeds to scroll through that you can see what your friends are up to.


That is basically the idea behind GoodPods. GoodPods is a podcast listening app. You can listen to your favorite podcast within their built in player. You just download the app from the App Store just like any other podcast player that you have. But what makes it different is that you can actually see a feed of all your podcasts, what your friends are listening to, what they recommend. You can actually talk to other fans that are on the site so you can leave comments within the feeds, comments on the podcast posts as well, and you can talk to the hosts of the podcasts if they are participating on GoodPods, which is super cool.


It's kind of like another layer. It's just like any other social media app. So you can follow your favorite podcast hosts. You can see what your favorite celebrities are listening to and recommending celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Gretchen Rubin, Rachel Hollis, they're all on there listening and recommending their favorite podcasts as well. So every time they listen to an episode within the app, they can basically upvote the episode or share it to their feed. And if you're following them, you get to see that as well.


They could leave a comment, share the episode and you can go check it out if you are just a listener, meaning you don't have a podcast on there and you're just going on to listen. You can bookmark episodes for later. You can chat with other fans. You can directly recommend your favorite episodes to friends. So if you've ever been on sites like Goodreads, where you can recommend your books and you have a feed like that, it's pretty much the exact same thing.


Now, if you're a podcaster you can actually go on to GoodPods and claim your show so that you can interact with your listeners as well. GoodPods does have an algorithm, so it builds your audience organically as well. So, you know, the more views you have, the more shares you have.


It is just like a social feed. It will build your audience for you as well. It's just another channel to bring traffic to you. You can also cross promote your shows with other podcasters. And just like any other social feed, the more people you follow and interact with, the more variety you'll see. So if you're just following a few people on there, if they're not posting as often or if they only post once a week, you won't get as much in your feed.


But you can still go to your app library and listen to your regular podcasts if you choose to do that as well. They do have an iTunes import so you can import all of your podcasts that you already listen to on iTunes. They may have some other platforms as well, so you can check that out. So good parts is free. It's just like any other social media platform. And on their site it says podcasts are better with friends. Simple enough, right?


So it was created by a brother and sister duo, Ken and J.J. Ramberg, and they basically wanted to create something that they could find new podcasts with. They were always wondering what to listen to next whenever they opened up their podcast app and they thought this was a great way to do that. So that is the gist of GoodPods. I will drop the link down in the show notes for you. You can also find my podcast on GoodPods.


Go ahead and add that to your library. Read it and subscribe and I'll let you know my favorite podcast as well. I will also put every link down in the show. Notes that don't feel like you have to scribble these down. You can just click on the link and go right to their website or their iTunes show. My first one that I wanted to mention is the Angie Lee Show. Angie keeps it real by doing interviews and solo shows about growing your audience authentically.


So she doesn't read ads. She doesn't do all these fancy funnels and stuff like that. So she just kind of brings to the table what she does and what she has done and tells you how to grow your audience and interact with your people in an authentic way. Next up is the Business Life and Joy podcast with Shunta. Grant Shunta is fabulous. Another one that is just so honest about everything, honest about business. She talks about business productivity and she gives a good kick in the pants, just telling you how to do business again authentically.


And I think that's a huge thing, especially in this day and age. We are tired of things that are being overproduced. We can all see right through it. I think it's oversaturated and we just want to know how can we get there as a smaller brand?


How can we build our brand in an authentic way and attract the right kind of people, the next one up is doing it online, the doable online marketing podcast. This is with Kate McKibbon. And for those of us with online businesses, which is most of my listeners, Kate gives easy and practical advice for running your business online. Micro Famous with Matt Johnson tells us how to service our audience and service the right people. So what he talks about is that it's not so much about growing a large audience as much as it is nurturing the right one.


So that can be if your audience is ten people or ten thousand. He talks about how to really kind of get micro and niche down and make sure you are targeting the right people and systems. Saved me with Jordan Guelke Jordan does an interview podcast all about systems. So she is amazing when it comes to systems and workflows. And when you tune into her podcast, you're going to hear some of the best people around the Internet talking about how they run their businesses with systems and automation.


So that's just a handful of the podcasts that I wanted to pull out on basically productivity and online businesses. You'll notice not so much of the huge ones, because we all know Gary V and Pat Flynn, and Entrepreneur on Fire. We all love those podcasts. But I wanted to bring in some of the other ones that are also fantastic, but maybe you haven't heard about yet. So if you have a favorite podcast, I would love to hear what it is because I'm always looking for new podcasts to listen to.


So go ahead and DM at Miranda Merten on Instagram and let me know what you're listening to. That is my tip for today and I will see you next time.


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And join me here next time.

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GoodPods + My Favorite Podcasts [Tip Tuesday]

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