Really? The Holidays Snuck Up On You Again?

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Every year, the holidays inevitably “sneak up” on us like we didn’t know it was coming.


Thanksgiving is the same week towards the end of November. Christmas is the same date each year. Yet it never fails that we are scrambling around the Wednesday before Thanksgiving looking for food and praying on Thursday, our local Publix will be open – even if it’s just for limited hours – because we forgot the cranberry sauce without the berries because cousin Sally can’t stand the homemade stuff.

Then Christmas rolls around – and it’s not like we didn’t know that was coming either, because the first thing we do once the turkey has settled in our stomachs is send everyone who’s able to the attic or the basement to gather the festive decorations that we’ve been waiting to put up since Halloween.

I vow that we start to do things differently. Let’s do this thing called planning and get ahead of our stress!

Download the  to not only decide how much money you need to budget for the holidays, and but also to plan out when you need to start purchasing/making gifts and when you need to mail them out.

Get the guide and put the dates on your calendar and then fill in any blanks that are specific to you. If you are traveling this year, make sure to include your travel prep and extra money in your budget.

This year, we kick the butt of our holiday planning!

Want the Action Guide? Download it here:

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