TM Quiz Results - Helper

Character Traits

You are an emotional thinker that is very supportive and known to be a team player. You are a great communicator and like to facilitate meetings so taking the lead on presentations are your forte.

You can empathize with others, persuade new ideas, but you tend to overcommit to responsibilities in an effort to help everyone on your team.

Helpers Work Best When

You prefer to work when you have a chance to collaborate with team members on a project rather than working alone. You are a people person so you prefer to work in situations where other people will be present.

On that note, you love to talk and share stories, so be sure to avoid those situations when you have a tight schedule or a deadline to meet.

Helpers Should Avoid

When you have your own work to do, avoid working in groups or near others because you have the tendency to interrupt your own work in order to help others.

Remote positions are not the ideal situation because you prefer to work face to face with eye contact.

Great Tools for Helpers

When you need help focusing, use White Noise player or SimplyNoise to stay focused and a Pomodoro timer to keep you on track. If you are a writer, use ZenPen to keep distractions at bay.

Since you thrive in team environments, use Asana or Redbooth to help facilitate team interaction and collaboration.

You’ll enjoy visually pleasing office supplies like Moleskin notebooks.


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