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Welcome to Coffee Powered Systems. Equipping women with actionable systems to streamline personal productivity. If you are a one-woman show, female entrepreneur, stay at home mom, or any bad-ass woman who’s ready to be more efficient, then this show is for you.


"If only there were 5 more hours in the day!”

“I’d get so much done!”
Nope. Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

More time just equals more procrastination. We all have the same amount

of time, you just have to know how to prioritize it.

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Learn how to create better systems

Stop flying by the seat of your pants everyday. It’s time to learn how to be more organized, productive, and efficient.

Time flies when you’re doing everything for everyone else. It’s especially easy for us moms that are also entrepreneurs working from home. You were in a zone. Understandable. But this should not be a weekly occurrence. Tune in for tips to help streamline your day.

Too much to do and not enough time?

I hear you girl.

Women are a special force but many times we don’t know how to hone our organizational super powers and use them in a way that helps us function best. That’s where this show comes in. Learn how to use systems to determine your strengths and use them to systematize your life.

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Miranda Merten

I am a Small Business Manager, Efficiency Strategist and an Informational Content Creator, who loves helping other female entrepreneurs leverage technology to overcome overwhelm in life and business. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my wonderful daughter and Labradoodle.

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