Get one year of fast action coaching sessions to keep you more accountable and consistent.


Have a clear plan of action for your business, and a productivity consultant to give you
guidance along the way?

What is it worth to you to be able to complete your next business step and be able to call your coach once you were done so she could help you decide what to do next? With my “Take Action” laser coaching, you get ONE FULL YEAR of 15-minute laser coaching calls. One easy rule: simply complete your current action plan before you schedule your next call.

You know things need to change...

… you’re sick of
feeling overwhelmed

… you’re sick of

… you’re sick of
not having enough time


You feel like you're stuck on this never-ending hamster wheel with no help in sight.

You’re feeling overwhelmed because you haven’t taken the time to prioritize your tasks in a way that will help you get things done productively. Without priorities, you feel scattered — jumping from one thing to the next, without any sense of direction or control over your desired outcomes.


Imagine how it would feel to ...

… automate systems to become more efficient + productive

… create more products to have more a profitable year

… finally achieve the goals that you create in January 

You deserve everything you put your mind to and I’m going to help you get there.





Take Action Laser Coaching

A year-long coaching program designed to help you get clear
on your goals, get past the overwhelm, and walk you step-by-step
through your business plan.

Ready to change your life & business?

Here’s what you’ll receive this year…

1 Year of 15-Minute Laser Coaching

Your year of coaching starts with an intake questionnaire to inform me about your business and personal productivity goals, and the current tools you use. Then we’ll connect for your 30-minute, introductory deep dive session. On this call, we will discuss your overall goals, what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year, and what you think you need the most help with as we work together. If you need to implement a task management system, we can discuss your options and the best setup for your needs. Your following sessions will be up to 15 minutes each, in which we will determine your current focus and the action steps needed to move forward and make progress. These calls are made for progression, not to hum and haw over what hasn’t been done. You will receive the recorded sessions.

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Private Client Portal

I don’t want you to have to worry about what you need to download, or where the link to our latest video call is. Too many things get lost when you have to rely on keeping things in your email inbox or downloaded to your computer. When you sign up, you’ll get a personal portal login where all of your documents are kept and organized for you. This portal also gives you access to any other programs I have available. The only thing you have to do is bookmark the page!

Personalized Next-Step Action Plans

Each session comes with your personalized, next step action sheets. We will use the time during the call to discuss your next course of action in order to move your business (or plan) in the right direction. Once the call is over, you will receive your pdf action sheets (fillable when necessary) uploaded to your personal client portal so that you can refer back to them as often as needed. These action sheets  are a great resource for when you get stuck or need a reminder of what to do next.

+ Bonuses!

The 12 Week Planner

I give away this planner as a pdf freebie, but nothing beats the full printed planner! You’ll get this beautiful 90-day planner mailed directly to your doorstep, delivered within a couple weeks of your purchase.

The Positivity Manifesto

Because I love sending goodies, you’ll also receive my beautiful Positivity Manifesto printed on card stock, ready to be framed, put on your bulletin board, or held up on a small easel. This will also be shipped with your welcome package directly to your door.

Access to The Systems Lab

All of my clients get full access to The Systems Lab. A collection of templates, workflows, challenges, and planners for complete efficiency and productivity. Resources created and stored in one convenient location — with new resources automatically added to your account each month.

How It Works


Click the “Let’s Get Started” button below to secure your coaching package for the year and to take your first step to productivity.

I love helping other female entrepreneurs take action, but please don’t purchase these sessions if you are not going to do the work. There are no refunds past your onboarding session, but if during that first call, you don’t feel like this is exactly what you need to increase your personal productivity and get real results, you will be immediately refunded.


Check your email for your next steps and the link to schedule your introductory 30-minute deep-dive session.
Your first coaching session is 30 minutes long and on that call we will identify your productivity goals and strategies to reach them. We will then agree on your first plan of action assignment so you can make progress. At the end of each call, you will get the recording, confirmation of your homework, and a link to schedule your next coaching call.


The remaining sessions are 15 minutes each. Once you complete your action plan, schedule your next call. Up to 4 per month.

Our action plan is the set of tasks that you and I agree on. And when you’ve completed those tasks, you can schedule your next 15-minute laser coaching call. It’s up to you how quickly you implement the strategies we discuss. I’ll help you make decisions to keep moving, but I can’t do the work for you – that’s a whole different service. You’ve got this!


100% Risk Free

If during your initial onboarding session, you don’t feel like this is exactly what you need to keep your personal productivity on track and get real results, you will be immediately refunded.

Miranda is a godsend! I couldn't imagine her not being a part of my dream team. She is constantly helping me up-level how my business is operating. Her knowledge and expertise is always expanding and on top of that she is an absolute delight to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


hey there,
I'm Miranda.

I’m a Small Business Manager, Efficiency Strategist and an Informational Content Creator who loves helping other female entrepreneurs leverage technology to overcome overwhelm in life and business. Let me help walk you through the necessary steps to keep moving you through your business creation. I’ll help keep you accountable and to stop getting stuck in the confusion of what action steps to take next.

Let’s be business besties.


Frequently Asked Questions


Great question!
  • We can cover personal productivity and workflows,
  • Take a look at your current plans in your business and home life and determine what your next focused set of steps should be,
  • Bounce ideas off an impartial party for different perspectives,
  • Determine what on your to-do list is your next best course of action,
  • and much more!

    No, the coaching sessions are completely on your timeline depending on how quickly you move along with your business or personal productivity plans. You will receive action steps at the end of each call for recommendations of what to work on next, and once those steps are complete, you can schedule your next call (up to 4 per month). Your coaching sessions are meant to hold you accountable for the activities you choose.


    Payment in full is due one week before your onboarding session. This lets me know that you are committed and gives me enough time to review your intake forms and questionnaire. If you need a payment plan, please reach out before purchasing to see if we can work out a plan. However, full payment is still due one week before your first session, so creating a payment plan could delay the start of coaching.


    You have up to 3 days after your initial onboarding session to request a refund if you feel like this service will not be a good fit for your personal productivity. However, the pre-work and onboarding call requires a lot of time and prep work, so you will be refunded the amount you paid less a $150 onboarding fee. No refunds are offered beyond the onboarding session, so please be ready to commit to having a coach and being held accountable for doing the work. You’ve got this!


    If you have questions about the process that are not answered here, please send all questions to: contact@mirandamerten.com.

    I have no questions, sign me up!

    time to finally take action.

    You are so ready for this journey.

    There’s no time like the present. And if you think that notebook with all of your plans & ideas is going to complete itself, you’re wrong. Let me help you unpack them and come up with a strategy to implement them. It’s time to reach your goals.

    Ready to get started?



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