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Why a separate episode for tech tips and recommendations? Because so many times, I find myself looking through podcasts that I listened to, wondering where that cool thing was that was mentioned. If I forgot to save the episode or write it down, I’m screwed. I decided to separate out this segment so you can easily go back to a tool that was mentioned because maybe you aren’t ready for it now, but you might be later, and I don’t want you hunting through episodes to find it.

Your first tip is AppSumo. AppSumo was created with one idea in mind: the tools you need to grow your business shouldn’t put you out of business.

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Welcome to coffee powered systems, equipping women with actionable steps to overcome overwhelm and streamline business and life. So grab your favorite drink and come hang out with me. I'm your host Miranda Merton.

[00:00:17] Hello ladies. It's Miranda. Welcome to tech Tuesday where I give you the skinny on an app or tool that could be useful for you in your life or business. Today I'm talking about app Sumo. If you've heard of it, you're as excited as I am to talk about this. I hope this changes your life like it has changed mine.

[00:00:38] So what is AppSumo. App. S. U. M. O. This is from their website. AppSumo was created with one idea in mind. The tools you need to grow your business shouldn't put you out of business. And I love that. I recently discovered AppSumo two months ago at the beginning of March, March. First to be exact, and I am their ideal customer.

[00:01:05] I love new gadgets. I love tech tools. I love trying things out, and I spend way too much money on crap that sits in my drive and on my computer, never to be seen again. I've got all these subscriptions to things that I've tried and either I didn't love it or I. Realize that, you know, I forgot I even had it.

[00:01:26] Um, so I discovered AppSumo and I immediately fell in love. I still kind of think I probably spend too much money, but at least I'm doing it intentionally and it's more productive for me in the long run. So what does that Sumo, they basically. Have deals on different tech tools and websites and subscriptions.

[00:01:53] They usually have about 80 different deals running at a time. These deals run anywhere from free as in $0 million and I've seen as high as $129 and these are usually deals on software that have monthly subscriptions, and I'm talking about monthly subscriptions from like $15 up into like the $35 range for.

[00:02:23] The lowest tier version. And I know that if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur or you're just getting started in this business life, you have found yourself researching and signing up to things. And. They just keep adding up. You have to have the email provider, you have to have this and that.

[00:02:48] You know, you want to do design and all of these things have monthly costs, and sometimes it's, you know, it's $9 a month and you're like, okay, cool. I can do $9 a month. Sometimes it's up to $29 a month, and as they add up, you realize that. Running a business is not cheap and you need something else. I particularly hate monthly subscriptions and that's why I love AppSumo.

[00:03:15] I don't want to be tied to a company for the rest of my business life. And once you've used something for over a year, you're pretty much in really deep and it's hard to switch or move on from it. And that's why I love AppSumo because they partner with startup companies. That are looking to get the word out about their product.

[00:03:35] Or, um, sometimes they have bigger companies and well known companies, and maybe they are just looking for a boost in their sales or they're going through some changes and they want to roll out some new products. So I have purchased 12 deals. Since the beginning of March two months. Um, so you can see how much I love it and I, but I have also activated, uh, three refunds.

[00:04:02] And another thing great thing about AppSumo is that they will refund you no questions asked. You get 90 days, nine zero days to try out the product. And. If you realize that you don't like it or it's not really a fit for your business, or maybe let's be real, you're having buyer's remorse. Sometimes we go to something we purchase on the fly and then, you know, a week later we're like, Oh, why did I do that?

[00:04:32] I really shouldn't have. I don't even need it right now. Um, so. For any of those reasons, you turn around, you click the refund button, they immediately refund it to you, no questions asked, and of course your access is removed from that app. You want to make sure, though, if you do a refund, you might not be able to sign up in the future for that same product.

[00:04:56] So just keep that in mind as well. But a lot of these apps for AppSumo are. Lifetime deals, life time deals, so you can pay $49 one time for a onetime payment and that's it. You don't have to pay anymore. You don't have to pay these crazy monthly subscriptions. And you know, it's just, it takes a load off, especially for small business owners like myself, like you are.

[00:05:24] I'm sure some of these things are amazing. You might get a free deal, which. Might just be like for a year so you can try it out for a year and then if you like it, you would pay the regular monthly fee or you can do some of the other deals where you pay it one time lifetime. It's yours forever. I have gotten some great apps out of AppSumo.

[00:05:46] I will caution you though that once you get. You know, once you get into it and you're looking at all these great deals and all these new products, you could go down a little bit of a rabbit hole and you could convince yourself that you need this product right now. Um, don't fall into that trap. Just make the educated decision that even though you love it, you might not need this product.

[00:06:11] It might not be right for your business. Uh, the two things I will say, evaluate whether or not you are going to use this for your business, even if you don't need it right now, you could pay the $49 and. You know, have it down the road. Like for instance, there was a scheduler app on there a couple months ago, which was basically like a, you can book me, um, you know, you put it on their website and your clients can find a time and schedule you.

[00:06:41] You got all of the features. And that's another great thing. They do include a whole lot of features for the AppSumo deals. I've noticed that their features are usually falling on their middle tier. Cause, you know, most companies will have like three tiers, like the lowest, the middle, or most popular. And then the high end one for bigger businesses, these deals usually fall along their middle tier.

[00:07:05] So you get a lot of the features for this one time price, which is freaking fantastic. So yeah. Uh, just evaluate if it's going to be good for your business. And then also if you do end up buying something, make sure you try it out within the first 90 days, even if you don't think you'll use it later on, try it out so that.

[00:07:26] You can still be in the refund window if you decide that it's not going to work for you. Okay, so that is my tip for this Tuesday is AppSumo. It's great for startup businesses and small businesses, and you can find all of the links to AppSumo and anything that was mentioned in this episode down in the show notes.

[00:07:50] And I will see you next time. On coffee powered systems. Thanks for listening to coffee powered systems. You can find links to everything mentioned in the episode down in the show notes or on the website@mirandamartin.com. If you enjoyed this episode, share it with another bestie who would love it too, and join me here next time.


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