TM Quiz Results - Analyzer


Character Traits

You tend to be a logical thinker, very analytical and fact based. You are realistic by nature and are very good at managing your time. You have been known to time your tasks so that you know how long it will take next time in order to be efficient with your planning.

You can be a bit rigid since you would like others to get right to the point when completing projects and you are competitive.

Analyzers Work Best When

You prefer to work alone so that you can work quickly and thoroughly. You are not too keen on casual conversation and appreciate when others can be quick and to the point – a similar manner in which you tend to work.

Your emails are short and get right to business.

Analyzers Should Avoid

You should avoid being put in charge of overseeing projects as a whole. Analyzers like to deal with pieces of the big picture and look at the finer details. Once you finish one task, you will move on to the next and you don’t typically have multiple projects going on at the same time.

Great Tools for Analyzers

Simple, straight forward tools are your go to. Simple to-do apps lists like ToDoListMe due to the ease of use and simplicity.

A data guru like yourself will enjoy Daytum to analyze your data.
You’ll enjoy classic office supplies like legal pads, label makers and good pens.

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