Here’s the deal about affiliate stuff

Sometimes when you click through a link on my site, it may be tied to an affiliate link. That means that I get paid a small percentage (I repeat small) for leading you to that particular product. This won’t affect how much you pay for the product and I won’t suggest any product that I haven’t used or had great referrals for.

I can also tell you that these links aren’t paying my mortgage, but they do garner me a cup of coffee every once in a while.


For my affiliate links, one or more of these may be true:

I Might Get Schwag

In the event that I do get ‘schwag’ in exchange for my review, you’ll know about it.​

I Might Get Paid

Sometimes I have affiliate links on my website. They may buy me an occasional coffee.

I Might Get Some Cool Stuff

Sometimes I’ll have to try things in order to review them. Don’t worry, I only post honest reviews.

I Might Get Fed

Maybe someone will take me out for drinks for my opinion. One can hope.

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