Why Does Time Management Have to Be So Serious?

Every productivity and time management “guru” out there is always so serious. You know what I mean? Get up at 5AM, no screen time after 9PM, get 7.5 hours of sleep. All of these rules seem so rigid! Being productive ends up being more of a chore – so much so that you don’t even want to bother. Are you with me? I hope you’re with me.

I want to change how we feel about productivity and what it means. Just because my schedule looks different than yours, that doesn’t mean I’m doing it wrong. It means that we all work differently. Being a morning person may work for you but it might make me tired in the afternoon. Drinking bulletproof coffee might be my jam, but you can’t tolerate the idea. What I’ve learned: that’s OK.

Let’s stop taking this stuff so seriously and live life the way it works for us. If that happens to be time-blocking and set schedules or scribbling on your white board, then so be it.

I’ll give you the tools and strategies that work for me, we’ll discuss what everyone else is doing so we can try those methods too. I’ll research and try the hottest new web apps coming out so we can all find what works best for us. Cause let’s face it, some of us like pen and paper while some of us prefer apps. It should be your choice not someone else’s. And guess what?


It’s OK to be half-assed every once in a while. No one’s looking.


I also think systems and processes don’t have to be so rigid. They ebb and flow. They change. What worked for you last month, may be driving you crazy this month. I’m here to help figure out the systems that work best for you and help you toss out the ones that don’t.

Perfection is overrated (not to mention stressful!). Let’s create realistic systems – without all the fuss.

My Journey: A Self-Motivated Solopreneur (and Mompreneur)



I came into the world of working “remotely” sort of by chance. After working in a few different fields, including health and fitness and real estate, my husband and I decided to settle down and start a family. Of course like many other first time moms, I decided to stay home for the full length of my maternity leave. When I returned to work – then a Realtor – I was missing not only being at home with our little one, but also control and creativity in my work life. My husband and I took a leap of faith and I decided to stay at home while I worked on expanding my career and my personal brand.

I pursued post-graduate studies and earned my Masters degree in Business Administration. I wanted to continue to work but also find a way to work from my home office. I started researching opportunities that would fulfill this need and also allow me a creative outlet. I came across an opportunity with a virtual assistant company and after a lengthy interview process over a few weeks, I was hired. I was now an at home professional!




First, that I liked working from home and setting my own schedule! I thought this was a myth! Second, that I enjoyed working with clients and helping them solve problems. Third, that I could in fact do this – for an extended period of time – and I was capable of branching out on my own.


This allowed me to earn what my skills and services commanded, and work on my own terms, utilizing my creativity. After a couple of years, a path led me to branch away from this big company and build a name for my brand and I haven’t looked back since.  That also led to me wearing more hats than I had initially planned for. Now, I was not only a wife and a mom, I was an entrepreneur and my days got considerably more hectic. Business plans mixed in with meal plans – what the heck did I just do?

My business, branded Miranda Merten, serves a few purposes. It allows me to work on my own terms while I express my creativity. Throughout my trials and tribulations, I have now learned what works for me and what doesn’t (a lot of what doesn’t!) and I teach other female entrepreneurs how to strike that balance in their lives. I do all of this from my home office. Work + life can coexist after all!